Treatment Options

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Group healing clinics are offered regularly and are one of the most dynamic ways to receive treatment. Working within a group increases the energy healing potential. Group clinics run for 2 - 21/2 hours over four consecutive days. Each person receives their own individual healing session during each group. Please see our website for upcoming clinic dates.

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Private treatments may consist of yourself, with family members or with a friend.  Each treatment includes four consecutive daily sessions and each session runs approximately 30-45 minutes.

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The Domancic Method is also extremely effective  non-locally - or at a distance. So, if you are unable to schedule a private session or attend a group healing clinic you can still benefit from a four day treatment. Energy healing knows no time or space.

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Donation For Therapy

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All treatments by Gateway Healing are offered on a donation basis. We strongly believe that we cannot put a price on receiving Universal Life Energy. At the completion of your four-day treatment, unless paying by credit card, you will leave a donation enclosed in an envelope. Your donation should reflect the results you have experienced and your commitment to continued healing. The donation completes the energetic exchange – when you give you receive. The experience, time and training of a practitioner as well as the overhead of a business have real costs. We appreciate your generous donations. All checks should be made payable to Michael Ramsey.