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I thought I might send you an update. The 4 sessions I spent with you were incredibly meaningful in many ways. It was not what I expected, but so good for me in many ways. Most of the benefits I have had so far seem to be mental. I seem to have a very clear picture of things and a sense that things are right for me in the universe. I also have this incredible sense that I will continue to grow and change for the better long into the future.

I had mentioned to you that I came back from a cruise in March with some Myrsa on my back. I took a very strong antibiotic in July. I finished that 4 weeks ago today. The marks changed fairly rapidly from red to purple which I guess means the myrsa is dead but they remained. I did not mention it to you but during the time I was with you, I watched them fade rapidly. Today there is a remarkable change! I also have been having tremendously good workouts in the morning.
— Mike S.
On March 31st I went to the doctor, I had a big cyst on my left palm. They scheduled me for surgery on April 18th. On the same day, March 31st, I took my wife to Gateway Healing. I was not going to participate but Michael asked me if I wanted to stay for the group session. I said, “I’m here, lets do it.” The following day, I was doing maintenance on my mowers and I felt the palm of my hand - the cyst was completely gone. I waited till the 15th of April and the cyst did not return, so I canceled my surgery. Today is April 23rd and it has not returned. I am so thankful to Michael and that I don’t have to go through surgery.
— Joe F.
I went to Michael out of interest and curiosity and came away with my lifelong issues finally remedied! A truly wonderful experience.
— Lena S.
Amazing. Each of the four day healing sessions was unique in experience and positive result in the healing of my injury — left knee sprain. The end result being absence of inflammation, bruising disappearing literally overnight, return to near full flexibility at that joint, and thus return to work at Peace by Piece, our newly opened fair trade and art gallery I am humbled and so very grateful for your profound gift of healing Michael.
— Wendy J.
I took my blood pressure when I got home and it was 108/67 and I’m not taking any BP meds - amazing - I am healing!
— Linda S.
I had been diagnosed with Dupuytren’s Contraction, multiple growths in the palm of the hand which can end up causing immobility of the fingers. The Cleveland Clinic recommended painful hand surgery. After 4 treatments with Michael the lumps greatly softened and are now almost non-existent! I also felt emotionally uplifted and amazed with the power of what Michael has trained to do.

Thank you Michael for following your calling and being a true yet humble healer.
— Marilyn W.
I personally have experienced this week the most amazing natural face lift since surgical nerve damage.
— Dena C.
Three months ago, I started taking a new anti-inflammatory drug to alleviate the pain and stiffness in my joints – primarily in my hands, wrists and hips – and found that within a week there was a significant decrease in pain. Shortly after beginning this new medication I started a private 4-day treatment of Domancic Healing Therapy with Michael. Given that I was on medication, it was hard for me to really tell if the Healing Therapy was affecting my joints at the time. Nevertheless, I did notice a change in my overall wellbeing. I started sleeping better, waking up with a good disposition, and feeling rested and less anxious throughout the day. I also noticed that I was experiencing fewer hot flashes, which had been bothering me quite a bit. I felt that my inner being was finally adjusting itself into a more balanced life.

However, I continued taking the medication until I began to experience some ugly side effects, one serious enough to bring me to the ER. Against my doctor’s advice, I stopped taking the medication. A week later, I was experiencing all the same aches and pains all over again. I then decided to attend Michael’s Group Therapy Clinic. By the third day, I noticed that I was feeling much better and the pain had shifted from a sharp acute pain that would linger for hours to more like rapid spams. It has been four days since I completed the Group Healing Treatment; I have not had any significant pain or discomfort in my joints and I am feeling more energetic! This is especially important to me because this is the first time in 3 years that I am completely off of any medication and I feel fine. I feel a great sense of relief and peacefulness inside and have a better understanding of the emotional pain that still haunts my soul from time to time. I feel a good “vibe” all around!

Most of all, I want to thank you for your work and for sharing your wonderful Energy to help others. I will keep you posted on the progress of my healing, so far so good!

Thank you!
— Isabel T.
I attended Michael’s 4-day Domancic Energy Healing Clinic in January 2014. As a Holistic Therapist (for 25 years) & now Open Heart Living Coach, I have trained in & experienced many different forms of Energy Work. This was one of the most powerful that I have experienced. It is done in a lighthearted manner in a group setting & the intensity of the energy in the room is very palpable to all present.

The work with Michael raised my level of energy & vibration. I experienced a lot of physical & emotional release. I continue to experience more energy flow thru my body (blocks have been released) & more openness emotionally & spiritually.

This work was/is very powerful & significant for me. The CFIDS condition which has been present for 22 years has not been fully cleared; yet I have been very positively affected by this work & feel more ALIVE than I have felt in years. I highly recommend it.

Michael is a kind, gentle, gifted Energy Healer.

In deep gratitude,
— Pamela V.
Michael’s application of the Domancic energy work has, in a very simple manner, enabled me to hone in on my body’s needs. I have forever had trouble with a significant sugar addiction, a yearly 10-15-lb. weight fluctuation and a “never enough” mindset. Through his work, I have begun to be able to limit my nutritional intake from an inner place of what my body really wants and needs without the need for excess. I am expecting to enjoy reasonable amounts of foods I intrinsically feel are heading me toward optimal health
— Sophie P.
I rammed my foot / toes into a door jam. Chiropractor diagnosed broken little toe and sprain/strain of my foot. This method worked wonders on my foot. Michael started to work on my foot 3 days after I injured it. After the first session the pain subsided substantially. Within 6 days of the injury the bruising/pain/swelling were gone - fastest healing from that type of injury I’ve ever experienced. I’ve had substantial progress on my painful swollen finger and a mass on my back that have not responded to other forms of treatment during the past year. This method is powerfully different than other forms of treatment that I’ve used (Western approach - added to my problems, a wide variety of “alternative” approaches) during the last 25 years on my journey to health.
— Jamie S.
I broke my right thumb in a car accident and wore a cast for 4 weeks as the bones healed. After my cast was removed, my hand was very swollen and painful to move. I also received a second-degree burn on my hand from when the airbag deployed. After a single session with Michael, a day later there was NO swelling, the pain had disappeared and my skin was perfectly normal. I was amazed at the power of the process and how quickly it worked
— Sherry B.
I had a very painful cyst on my right hand that was growing bigger each day. I am so grateful to have found Michael. Within 4 days of his healing/energy treatment, my cyst completely disappeared — and so did the pain! If it weren’t for his amazing healing powers, I’d still be trying to find a traditional doctor and deal with all the complications of surgery
— Lynnie J.
I work as a massage practitioner and while on vacation I hurt my right hand. Because of the injury I lost most of the strength and control in my hand and was unable to give a massage the way that I used to and was concerned if I would be able to continue my practice. Mike worked on my hand and after the first session I saw considerable improvement and then after 3 sessions, I was able to go back to doing massages. Also during the sessions, I had an added “bonus” benefit. My right shoulder has been significantly lower than my left shoulder and very tight for many years I was getting regular massages, but no one could loosen it up. It is now looser, and my shoulder is no longer lower than the left. Thank you Mike!”
— Cindy W.
Recently I attended two of Michael’s Domancic Bioenergy healing sessions and found each one of them to be very beneficial to my healing journey. Immediate results were achieved for me. For example, my alignment was out and corrected and my limited jaw opening was increased by 4-6 mm which was not able to be achieved after 6 months of therapy at the Clinic. The sessions brought much grounding, calmness and eliminated more facial nerve pain for me. I highly recommend these sessions to anyone who feels they need to bring their life back into balance.
— Dena C.
My first healing with Michael was in a group session in November. My focus was for my tight jaw since I tend to clench my teeth and have TMJ. Also, that specific week, I had a very stiff, painful low back primarily on the left side. By the end of the week, my low back pain was nearly all gone and within a couple days following the four day class, it was nonexistent and I was back to working out. Also, my jaw pain and tightness was relieved and I was even talking different, in a more relaxed way. I had minimal grinding in my sleep as well. About two weeks after the healing, I had a jolt of energy around 9 p.m. I stayed up for almost two hours cleaning and decluttering.

I returned back to the December healing class with primary focus on the tightness in my hips and legs. Almost immediately, the energy in my legs, feet, and hands was very intense. It’s quite amazing to feel this energy travel throughout the body and the feeling of becoming more grounded that occurs. I look forward to the healing benefits long after this class has ended.

Since my experience, my mom and I have both recommended Michael to multiple people and I think everyone could benefit!
— Carrina C.
I had been suffering with clinical depression for several months and was prescribed anti-depressant medication to help alleviate some of the symptoms I had been experiencing. However, after 3 months, I was not experiencing any relief and in fact, felt the depression was deepening. Immediately after a session with Michael, I felt a deep desire to sleep - something I had been struggling with for months. The next day, I felt a little “lighter” but it was a subtle change. On the third day, I felt a deep sense of ease I had not felt for a very long time. My outlook was much more optimistic, my energy felt strong again, and I continue to experience tremendous relief emotionally and physically.
— Mary B.
Today I woke up with a headache that seemed to get worse all day - it was extremely painful. I called Michael and ask for help. He offered a healing treatment to relieve my tension. During the session I relaxed so easily and let myself be moved by an amazing energy that allowed the stuck energy to dissolve entirely! I left with a lighter head and fuller heart.
— Sally R.